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There is a new “poison pill” bill before the California State Legislature, AB 2145 (Bradford) that will cripple an existing program called Community Choice Aggregation, in short CCA, that many Californians are using to bring clean energy to communities and reduce carbon emission.

CCA enables communities to join together and provide renewable electrical energy to its citizens.  The energy is publicly provided, but the transmission is through the current grid.  The program is seamless to the consumers as they are automatically enrolled with an easy opt- out option.  However, setting up a CCA is a significant undertaking.  The legislature in their wisdom understood the advantage to clean energy to make the program opt-out.

In 2010, PG&E tried to pass an initiative which would have required a whopping 2/3 vote of the citizens for communities to form a CCA.  Voters turned it down.  Now there is another attempt to hinder such programs with a bill, AB 2145, which would change the opt-out provision to opt-in.  This would require an expensive campaign by communities rather than notification, as many busy families must ignore most of the information overload which flows into their households in order to survive.  AB 2145 will severely hamper the ability of a CCA to achieve minimum scale, increase costs, and thwart a local government’s statutory right to pursue a CCA program for their community. The upshot is that energy will continue to be supplied by fossil fuels when the need to turn quickly to renewable energy has never been greater.

Let’s stop this awful bill in its tracks!  Please sign the petition and help maintain the viability of new opportunities for clean energy.

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AB 2145 (Bradford): Electricity: Community Choice Aggregation - OPPOSE


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